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Why OpSys?

Security for your assets has never been more important.

Our exceptional level of tailored service and care is mainly due to our multi-disciplined team of local professionals that are within reach around the clock.

We can work alongside an existing IT support entity where it exists or perform that role if it does not exist.

Our impressive array of modern IT infrastructure includes our own data centre. Organisations up to 25,000 employees trust us as their first line of defence against cyber-attacks.

We focus on building relationships with clients, to foster increased communication and swift results. Our flexible billing model is simple and clear, with customisable packages to suit any business needs.

24/7 x 365 sovereign capability and security coverage through our local Security Operations Centre.

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Cyber Security Service - Fighting the good fight


OpSys Offerings

  • 24/7 x 365 Monitoring
  • Auditing
  • Application Control
  • Incident Response and Triage Real-Time Alerting
  • Cyber Threat Hunting
  • Risk Assessment
  • Cyber Policy Development and Implementation Support

In today’s dynamic online landscape, cyber security breaches are a constant threat. That’s why it’s never been more important to secure your business with OpSys' managed Cyber Security services. Our security is designed to safeguard your reputation and finances from both internal and external risks, with a focus on three key areas:

  • Deploy deep expertise and advanced technology to build the walls and moats around your assets for optimal threat prevention and detection.
  • Proactive threat intelligence designed to interrogate and uncover hidden dangers, before they can cause damage.
  • If the protections are breached, bring the expertise to provide viable guidance on managing the situation and minimising loss.

Our comprehensive approach ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your systems, networks, and data. Our end-to-end services and tailored consulting help identify and close security gaps, enhancing cyber resilience as part of your business strategy.

In today’s dynamic online landscape, cybersecurity breaches are a constant threat. With OpSys, your business benefits from strategic security planning, rapid detection, and effective response to minimize risks. Trust us to guide you toward cyber resilience and protect your business.

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Managed IT Services

Boost Your IT Capacity

Information technology and its architecture have become critical elements in the modern business. That’s why your IT department should be flexible enough to manage the ebbs and flows of your daily workforce demands, having the capacity when needed to ensure you never lose momentum on your path to growth.

Our Managed IT service gives your teams access to the best digital minds to smooth out tech delivery, with security at the core of everything we do. Have the most secure support for your teams only a phone call away.

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Cloud Services

Taking Businesses To The Cloud

Cloud computing is known to help businesses be more efficient, optimise processes and get more from their systems - but the digital transformation process can be intimidating.

That’s why OpSys not only gets you to the cloud, but also provides all the ongoing support you need to operate successfully once you’re there. Unlock the full potential of your organisation and empower your teams to achieve more with a secure, optimised move to the cloud.

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Go Beyond The Physical

Service virtualisation is a way to emulate the behaviour of specific components in traditional applications, removing the cost and limitations of the physical environments and creating more agile, smarter workplaces.

As our businesses become even more digitally focused, forward thinking businesses are embracing virtualisation. We can help you rethink your infrastructure, storage, networks and even desktops so your teams are enabled to reach their full potential.

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Remote Work, Reduced Risk

The world has moved to embrace remote work, but that doesn’t mean your assets should be at risk. Whether hybrid, WFH or anything in between, OpSys enables your employees to work anywhere, anytime, on any device – with security baked in, by design.

This holistic approach not only enhances flexibility and efficiency but also reinforces your organisation's resilience against unforeseen challenges, empowering your workforce to thrive in the evolving digital landscape.

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Custom Applications

Can’t Find It? Build It

The web is full of solutions, but that doesn’t always mean off the shelf will fit what you need. OpSys can deploy our expertise to design tailored web and software applications to precisely meet your specific needs, combining innovative technology with a deep understanding of real-world environments to deliver exceptional bespoke software experiences in a single, comprehensive solution.

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Backup As A Service

Backup Your Business

Grow a beard and buy an alpaca farm? The OpSys BAAS combines all the usual requirements (backup servers, software, agents, tape drives, tapes and consumables) in a single, simple service, backed up to our Australian datacentres. That means your business will be back up and running before you know it.

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