“Culture is critical to how things are done around the workplace. It defines what we accept and do not tolerate in our workplace practices, and we all own this”.


We believe in creating a culture of security around all we do. Poor information handling can have serious consequences for any organisation. We have developed a series of Information Security Trainings, through which we aim to engage businesses strong sense of willingness to protect their data, share information about mistakes promptly, and have the confidence to question us.

What is InfoSec Training and how does it work?

The most common threat today is people, your employees, since they can provide soft attack surfaces to make Hackers’ exploits successful. That is why we all have a responsibility to keep our information secure. The point of InfoSec Training is to teach employees about the attitudes their employers consider risky or acceptable, what clues to look for that indicate threats, and how to respond to them.

It is a process through which a workforce receives formal cybersecurity education, generally expanding to discuss physical security and how employees can keep themselves and businesses secure. It is generally presented in an online format and is most useful when approached as an ongoing practice in the context of a bigger security awareness program.


  • Prevention is better than cure. Security awareness training helps get everyone in an organization on the same page, reducing risks and incidents.
  • Information is power. Many employees are unaware, misinformed, or confused about what risky behaviours are. InfoSec Trainings help them and understand that and how cybersecurity is their personal responsibility.