OpSys Managed Cybersecurity Solutions

In today’s ever evolving cybersecurity threat environment, managing your client’s network infrastructure and cloud service alerts are essential for securing your clients information, protecting data privacy and meeting compliance obligations Building a cybersecurity practice, security program and running an efficient Cybersecurity operations team is costly. Join the OpSys 24x7x365 Cybersecurity as a Service program and reap the benefits of providing world class cybersecurity services to your customers. OpSys is a truly Australian sovereign capability with all resources, data storage and capability kept in South Australia.

OpSys’ proven capability in the security space can provide enterprise level cybersecurity to businesses of any size. OpSys works closely with government and private agencies to address their specific cybersecurity challenges, within a variety of sensitive industries. In today’s cyber environment breaches are inevitable. However, the consequences are not. Proper planning, rapid detection and effective response can help to minimise the legal, financial and reputational risk to your client’s business, while preventing attackers from achieving their insidious goals.