Free yourself from maintaining your PC with desktop as a service (DaaS), offering you greater freedom and flexibility. At OpSys, we are all about delivering virtual desktop as a service to aid you and your business. Focus on what really matters when it comes to your daily business operations and leave your virtual desktop infrastructure to the experts. 

For desktop as a service in Australia, trust OpSys to take care of all of your DaaS needs. No longer do you need to participate in the constant cycle of refreshing your computer. With OpSys as your partner, we can assist you to run your business smoothly and more efficiently with desktop as a service ticking over in the background. Get a grip on desktop as a service providers and find what fits best for you and your business. Talk to the team at OpSys today to learn more about how virtual desktop infrastructure can help you. 

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure 

Desktop as a service is a cloud computing service. Cloud computing is a means of storing data online and making it accessible from wherever you are. When working with OpSys, we take care of your virtual desktop infrastructure and host the back-end responsibility. This means that we look after the maintenance and security of your data storage, as well as ensuring the smooth delivery of virtual apps and desktops from the cloud to any device or location. When you choose OpSys as your desktop as a service provider, we manage your data storage, backup, security, and upgrades, in a secure and professional way. Allow OpSys to help you to manage all of your DaaS needs.

What is virtual desktop infrastructure? 

Virtual desktop infrastructure is a term to describe desktop operating systems that run inside virtual machines on servers in a cloud provider’s data centre. All the necessary support infrastructure also lives in the cloud. Virtual desktops are streamable over a network to your devices, so that your business can be accessed through software or a web browser. By choosing desktop as a service, you are shifting the weight of infrastructure management and maintenance off your hands. Virtual desktop infrastructure is cloud-based, meaning that your business does not need to manage your own hardware. Choose DaaS to ensure that your desktop infrastructure is secure and working efficiently in a way that best enables your business to thrive. Desktop as a service allows you to be hassle-free and get back to focusing on what truly matters to your business. 

What is desktop as a service? 

When you choose OpSys as your desktop as a service providers, you are entrusting back-end responsibilities to us. We take charge of deploying your virtual desktops, as well as purchasing, managing, and upgrading the infrastructure. You no longer need to keep juggling multiple responsibilities within your business. Keep your eye on the ball by teaming up with the professionals for the management of your desktop as a service. Get in touch with OpSys to discover how we can help you transform your business. 

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