Data is the essence of any organization. If it all goes wrong and your backups fail, what will you do? Start from scratch? Grow a beard and buy an alpaca farm?

We can help you dodge data-loss disasters by providing the safest backup medium. The OpSys BAAS (Backup As A Service) combines all the usual requirements (backup servers, software, agents, tape drives, tapes, and consumables) in a single, simple service, backed up to our Australian datacentres. That means your business will be back up and running before you know it.


What is Backup As A Service and how does it work?

BAAS is a method of offsite data storage in which the contents of a hard drive are recurrently backed up by a service vendor to a remote secure cloud-based data repository. Its purpose is to protect the information from the many different risks of loss.

Which are the benefits?

  • It is convenient. BAAS is automated.
  • It is safe. Data stored in the BaaS is encrypted.
  • It is easy to recover. If data is lost, backups are available and easily located since there are multiple copies of the same data in different and independent locations.
  • It is affordable. It does not need from hardware or software, media storage and transportation, or the IT labor required to manage it.